Darkness Ablaze Theme Deck Galarian Sirfetch'd

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The Smashing Power of Galarian Sirfetch’d!

Brave and strong, the chivalrous Galarian Sirfetch’d fights fair and fights hard! With Stonjourner throwing rocky kicks and Professor’s Research keeping your options open, you can follow the knight’s path to an honorable victory. Hippowdon and Passimian add extra muscle to keep the Galarian Sirfetch’d theme deck steadfast and ready to strike!

Contents of this SWSH3 Theme Deck:
       A 60-card deck (incl. Cracked Ice Holo Galarian Sirfetch'd and Non-Holo Stonjourner, exclusive to this deck.)
       collectible Pokémon Coin
       A Single-player playmat
  A Deck box
  Damage Counters
  A rules booklet
  3 Reference Cards
       A code card to play this deck in the Pokémon TCG Online game

Deck List:

Galarian Sirfetch'dx3  Bird Keeperx2
Galarian Farfetch'dx3  Great Ballx2
Dugtriox2  Hopx4
Diglettx3  Pokémon Catcherx2
Hippowdonx2  Professor's Researchx2
Hippopotasx3  Soniax2
Stonjournerx2  Switchx2
Sudowoodox2  Turbo Patchx2
Passimianx2  Fighting Energyx18



All Galarian Sirfetch'd theme decks contain the same cards. Coin may vary by product.
Many of the cards exist in multiples to provide a more enjoyable playing experience. 
Each player must have a 60-card deck of Pokémon cards to play.
The image serves an illustrative purpose. 
The product being shipped is the same, but not the exact​ same.

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